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Welcome to Bizzy Blinds – Ireland’s Premier Supplier of Roof Blinds

At Bizzy Blinds, we specialize in providing high-quality roof blinds tailored for various leading roof window brands, including:

VELUX: Offering blackout roller blinds engineered to provide a light-proof seal, ensuring total darkness whenever desired. Ideal for bedrooms, these blinds offer complete light control for a restful night’s sleep or a rejuvenating daytime nap. Crafted to seamlessly integrate with VELUX roof windows, our blackout blinds are available in a spectrum of colors and patterns to complement any interior decor.

FAKRO: Our FAKRO blackout roller blinds provide the same exceptional quality and functionality, tailored specifically for FAKRO roof windows. With precision-cut designs and a variety of colors and patterns, these blinds offer the perfect solution for light control and privacy.

Keylite: Experience the superior quality of Keylite blackout roller blinds, designed to fit seamlessly with Keylite roof windows. These blinds offer optimal light control, privacy, and thermal efficiency while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room.

ROTO: Our ROTO blackout roller blinds are meticulously crafted to meet the stringent standards of ROTO roof windows. With their light-proof seal and precision engineering, these blinds ensure complete darkness and privacy whenever desired.

Rooflite: Discover blackout roller blinds tailored for Rooflite roof windows, offering the same level of quality, functionality, and style as our other brands. Perfect for bedrooms and other spaces requiring total light control and privacy.

DAKSTRA: Elevate your space with DAKSTRA blackout roller blinds, designed to seamlessly integrate with DAKSTRA roof windows. These blinds offer exceptional light control, thermal efficiency, and privacy, enhancing the comfort and ambiance of any room.

About Bizzy Blinds:

Bizzy Blinds stands as the foremost supplier of skylight and roof window blinds in Ireland. As a proudly Irish-owned business (Registration Number: 611772), we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and service to our valued customers.

Competitive Pricing:
Driven by our dedication to affordability, Bizzy Blinds guarantees the lowest prices in the market. Our ongoing market analysis ensures that customers save an average of 40% compared to competitors.

Convenient Online Presence:
Based in Lusk, Co. Dublin (Eircode K45X 998), Bizzy Blinds operates exclusively online, streamlining the shopping experience for our customers.

Unique Product Features:
Our blinds are precision-cut for a perfect fit, facilitating easy installation with a 4-screw system. Additionally, they enhance thermal efficiency, potentially reducing energy costs by up to 43%.

Easy Installation:
Customers can effortlessly install our blinds in approximately 5 minutes, following our step-by-step “Easy Installation Video” available on our website.

Customer Support:
For assistance, customers can contact Bizzy Blinds at 01 6991799 or reach out via WhatsApp, details of which are provided on our website.

Delivery Information:
We strive to ensure prompt delivery across Ireland using DPD. Standard aluminum-framed blinds typically arrive within 5 working days, while white aluminum-framed blinds take 6 working days. Keylite Blinds may require up to 10 working days for delivery.

Return Policy:
Bizzy Blinds offers a hassle-free returns policy, prioritizing customer satisfaction with every purchase.

Experience the Difference with Bizzy Blinds:
Discover the perfect blend of style, functionality, and affordability with our premium blackout roller blinds. Transform your living space with Bizzy Blinds today!

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