Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

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 Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

They look so much like real wood, you’d never know they aren’t. Emulating a sophisticated wood grain or a contemporary smooth finish.

Made from durable PVC, you can customize these designer-look products for any room in your home with up to 15 colors and 50mm Slat create your own truly unique window dressing.

You can’t fake the benefits of faux wood. Moisture and humidity resistant, they make the perfect window treatments.

They’re warp and fade resistant, too – some with UV ratings as high as 500 – so you’ll enjoy years of use from these versatile fake wood window coverings. But the biggest benefit? Getting the look of real wood for a whole lot less.

Child safety is of paramount importance. Every Sunwood blind is manufactured to the highest standard and in line with Child Safety legislation EN13120, giving you peace of mind that your Sunwood blind is child safe.

How to measure

Just give us the width and height of the recess and we will allow the working tolerances in order for the blind to sit within a recess of that size.

To do this, measure the width inside your window recess from side to side and top to bottom.

N.B. Measure the width of your recess in 3 places (top, middle and bottom) and give us the smallest measurement. If you have tiles at the bottom of the recess remember to measure between the tiles and give us this measurement. When measuring for roller, day night, vista or harmony blinds, please take the width measurement from the top of the window to ensure best fit.


It is important to give us the precise measurements, as we make your blind very slightly smaller to fit inside the recess.


Additional information

Faux Wood Colours

Amber, Athena, Athena Fine Grain, Callo, Desert Oak, Gravity, Gravity Fine Grain, Lima, Linara, Linara Fine Grain, Mantis, Mantis Fine Grain, Mirage, Mirage Fine Grain, Mission, Mission Fine Grain, Orion, Orion Fine Grain, Stratus, True, True Fine Grain