KEYLITE® Blackout Blinds

Our premium Keylite blind will fit your window perfectly. Made from quality materials the blind sits flush into the window frame enclosed by two brushed aluminum side rails.  The back of the fabric is coated with a blackout material which blocks all light from penetrating through the blind. The blind is fitted with a brushed aluminium handle that when pushed in adjusts the blind to any opening position.

Original OEM Keylite Blinds

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Delivery: 5 -10 working days 

How to order


Step 1.

Identify your window type code. This code can normally be found on the inside frame of the window as per picture below.


Step 2.

You now have the option to choose the colour of the side rails and head cassette for the blind. Some of the newer models of windows are now a white PVC frame on the inside as opposed to tradtional wood. You now have the option of matching the blind side rails and cassette to the frame colour. (see image below)

Step 3.

Choose your fabric colour from the options list ( also see fabric images in main picture above ). All fabrics are 100% blackout and come with a protective solar layer of the reverse side.

How to Install

Watch our easy installtion video below.