Scope Bare

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The crisp white material pairs seamlessly with nearly any palette, simplifying your interior decorating endeavors. Not only refreshing but also fabulous, white ensures your windows maintain a light and rejuvenating appearance. Use it to create a unified, monochromatic look, or let it serve as a contrasting backdrop for vibrant color bursts.

With the Scope blind’s light-filtering fabric, enjoy a gentle illumination in your space while eliminating harsh glare. Ideal for maintaining privacy without compromising on room brightness, this roller blind offers significant advantages without breaking the bank!

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Order today and have it delivered in approximately 5-10 working days.

All our blinds are supplied with a “Chrome Operating Chain” & “Child Safety Wall Clips”  

Recess Fitting Measuring Guide (Most Popular)

recess measurement of your window


Measure the width at the top of your window recess.
Use this measurement as your width.


Measure the height of your window recess.
Use this as your drop measurement

Outside Recess Fitting Measuring Guide 


Decide how much overlap you want your roller blind to have on each side of your window recess.
Measure this width.


We recommend your roller blind overlaps your window recess by at least 5cm on each side (10cm overall)


Measure the height from where you want the top of the headrail to start, and the bottom bar to finish. This is your drop measurement.

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