Velux Blind Black

Blinds for VELUX® Skylights

Our most popular seller, this range has been designed to fit VELUX® windows. Choose from our selction of blackout fabrics.

Fakro Blind White

Blinds for FAKRO® Skylights

Find a blind to fit your FAKRO® Window. Choose from our range of blackout fabrics and colour options all designed to fit perfectly.

Keylite Blind

Blinds for KEYLITE® Skylights

Our most popular seller,genuine brand blinds for all sizes of KEYLITE® windows. Choose from our selction of blackout fabrics.

Rooflite Blind

Blinds for DAKSTRA®

This range has been designed to fit DAKSTRA® windows. Choose from our selction of blackout fabrics.

Roto Blind

Blinds for ROTO® Skylights

This range has been designed to fit ROTO® windows. Choose from our selction of blackout fabrics.

Roller Blinds

Selection of roller blinds, all available at unbeatable prices. With an impressive array of over 40 color options

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Discovering Your Type Code and Window Code

Unraveling the identification codes for your VELUX® or Fakro roof window is a breeze. Simply inspect the frame of your roof window, where the Type Code and Window Code reside.

Destinations We Serve

Our blinds journey across most European countries with ease. Navigate through our user-friendly purchasing process, and in the drop-down menu, select your desired destination country.

Unsure of Your Roof Window Brand?

No worries! While our shop may not list every manufacturer, we craft blinds for all roof window types. Reach out to us via email or phone, and we’ll happily assist you in identifying your window.

Ease of Installation

You needn’t be a DIY aficionado to install our roof window blinds. Armed with only a screwdriver and five minutes of your time, you’re set. Check out our website’s installation video

Exchanges Made Easy

Did you order the wrong size or color? Fear not! For standard products, simply return the blind, and we’ll swiftly send you the correct size or color.

Quality without Compromise

Curious about our competitive pricing compared to VELUX®/Fakro/Roto? Rest assured, our blinds undergo rigorous development, boasting a three-year guarantee. Each skylight blind is meticulously crafted to match the exact dimensions of your window, ensuring both affordability and quality.

The Superiority of Our Blackout Blinds

Comparing our blackout blinds to cheaper alternatives online? Our blinds feature a crucial design element: a protective case on the back of the top cassette unit. This feature ensures true blackout, and prevents light leakage, fabric fading, and damage during installation, offering superior quality and durability.

Assisting with Hard-to-Reach Windows

Conquer inaccessible roof windows with ease! Our telescopic opening pole not only operates your blind but also opens roof windows. Alternatively, explore our solar motorized options for added convenience.

At Bizzy Blinds, we take pride in being the premier supplier of high-quality roof window blinds for renowned brands such as VELUX, FAKRO, KEYLITE, ROTO, ROOFLITE, and DAKSTRA.


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